Hallo aus Deutschland!

“Two flat things with three things coming in. A snowflake with a teardrop. A lightbulb. Three teeth. Six teeth. A windmill. One flat thing with an arrow going down. And a zero…oh, I guess that means ‘off’.”

 – Matt describes the different dial options on our oven in Germany

So, we’re here, and we’re staying at least through the end of May 2012. My husband is working as a Gastwissenschaftler (visiting researcher) at the Universität Bielefeld, in the northwest of Germany. It’s a town of about 330,000 people, making it the largest city either of us has ever lived in. We had a great run in Virginia, but we were getting antsy for something new, and what’s newer than up and moving to another country?

I started this blog because I think it will be a good way to share our adventures with everyone. Hopefully it will also provide some useful information for anyone considering a temporary move to Germany or any other country. I’ve been getting a lot of questions over e-mail and Skype, and I’ll try to answer some of them here. Let me know what else you’d like to hear about and I’ll share some thoughts. (And yes, I will write about the bread. It is delicious.)

Pictures are still pending, so I’ll be starting off with some of the administrative things that we’ve done since we’ve been here. Once I get my hands on a camera cord, watch out. There will be pictures like you wouldn’t believe.

Danke fürs Lesen!


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