Every Wednesday and Friday, there is a farmers’ market about a 30-minute walk from the university. It has lots of fruits and vegetables, honey, jams, and flowers. Meats, bread and other larger food things ring the outside.

We were told before coming here that food would be cheaper than in the U.S., and that’s definitely been true in many cases at the grocery store and the market. A head of lettuce at the market is .80€, Nutella is about 1.99€, and I just picked up a bottle of Italian wine for 2.99€. Oh, the life of luxury that we lead! We also have some food in the pantry by the authentic German distributors “Uncle Ben” and “Trader Joe’s.”

All that aside, there is also the bread from the Bäckerei. There pretty much aren’t words for how good it is. We haven’t had anything that’s less than delicious yet.



6 responses to “Foodstuffs

  1. This all looks so lecker….makes me want to hop on the next flight to Germany! I’ve never seen Quarkini before, but I have a feeling they may start making appearances in my dreams soon.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place It is fall here and the summer vegetables are about done Time to think about pumpkins lovb

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