IBZ – Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft

We’re living in a building reserved for visiting scholars and other temporary guests of the university. The building used to be a farmhouse back in the day, and it’s considerably prettier than a lot of the surrounding buildings. Since 1982, the building has served as housing of some sort, and now there are 21 apartments available. Our apartment is less pretty than the outside of the building (so no photos at the moment), but we do have our own kitchen and bathroom. We’re on the same floor as the shared kitchen, so the smell of whatever mix of foods has been made today permeates the hall. Mmmmm, culture.

The other half of the building that doesn’t have apartments is a cultural center that has an entrance parallel to ours. We don’t know exactly what goes on there, but we keep seeing fancy-looking people with wine and food milling around by their entrance. I hope they can’t smell the shared kitchen.

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