Hannover, Part II (Oktoberfest)

Part of the reason that we decided to go to Hannover last weekend was because their Oktoberfest had just started. It’s cited as being the second-largest in the country behind Munich. We figured it would be a good way to catch some of that “must-see” culture without having to travel too far, and before our university commitments started up in a couple of weeks.

Since Oktoberfest didn’t start until 2 p.m., we saw the rest of Hannover first, and then trekked over to the festivities. We were greeted with a carnival. An empty, abandoned-looking carnival, since it was still 1:30 when we arrived. We grabbed some disappointing beer, currywurst, and brezels while it all opened up. It was not exactly what we were expecting, but we had a good laugh about a lot of the rides. “Break Dance” and “Hollywood” made me especially homesick. We also sat outside of a bumper car ride that had Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, and other similar singers airbrushed onto the ceiling, all with a backdrop of New York City.

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I’m curious to know if carnivals in other countries have so many “American-themed” (I put that in quotation marks for a reason) rides and games. I don’t make it a habit of hanging out at creepy carnivals, so maybe those of you who do can offer some thoughts.

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