Random foodings from Germany

The stats for this blog tell me that people love food. Here is some random deliciousness from the area. Be forewarned that none of it is actually German food.

Churros from last week’s trip to Essen:

A bagel sandwich from Bagels and Beans in Aachen. We stopped here to get something quick to eat before our train back to Bielefeld. It was one of the rare places that was open on a Sunday, and it was packed. They even had free wireless. No, the bagel was not really very bagel-like (Bodo’s, anyone?), but it was delicious anyway.

Paella and sangria from a tiny tapas place in Bielefeld. Appropriately enough, it is just called “Tapas”. The staff speaks Spanish, but we stumbled through my bad German into English before moving into Spanish. This place made me a little homesick for Spain, a place that I didn’t even love at the time that I lived there. I had forgotten how empowering and lovely it is to be able to speak a common language with someone else (one that is not English, I should add).

And some Pflaumenkuchen from the Backerei. I think I posted this before, but you can’t really complain about having to look at it again.


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