London, Days 1 and 2

For the sake of the photos, I’ll split this trip into multiple posts. Consider this Part I of London. Yes, the second part will arrive much faster than the first part did.

One of our reasons for going to London was to see a family friend in a play. Specifically, he plays Elvis in Million Dollar Quartet. We were by far the youngest ones in the audience; those older British ladies do love Elvis (and the rest of the cast). After the West End play, we had drinks with Elvis at a pub. I’m one of very few people who get to write that sentence. Despite the overdose of American culture, it was a very British evening overall.

In London, we stayed with wonderful friends who fed us and took us on a tour of the town on Saturday. Food was abundant.

Above left: a traditional English breakfast, with clotted cream and scones. 

Above right: mince pies served with our tea at the Swan restaurant. I had no idea that mince was actually “sweet raisin concoction” and not “meat culled from murdered barber shop customers.” Raisins go much better with tea, anyway.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese – a pub that’s been around for a whole bunch of centuries, and has great, reasonably-priced food. Mmm, shepherd’s pie.

We also stopped at a massive food market, the name of which eludes me. I failed to get a picture of the decorative dead birds hanging by their broken necks. Here are some nicer things instead, including the world’s densest brownie.

Of course, we saw all of those things you are supposed to see – without actually paying to go into most of them.

Bridges, everywhere! Gotta love how the sky is completely different from one 20 minute period to the next.

Occupy…um…Saint Paul’s Cathedral! Meaning ‘just outside of the cathedral’! But only in certain spots outside, please, thanks.

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