Snapshots of Paris

We spent New Year’s weekend in Paris with friends. It was unexpectedly warm and humid, a total 180 from Heidelberg. We were so sleep-deprived from travel that I don’t think I can compose a lot of coherent thoughts about what we did.

To count down the New Year, we hung out at a bar with tiny, expensive drinks. We enjoyed the warm air on the patio, and had the patio to ourselves – sans smokers –  when they all went inside to make lotsa noise and drink more at midnight.

Other than that, we saw the sights. I loved the atmosphere of different little neighborhoods that we wandered into. As promised, everyone we needed to talk to spoke English. I pulled out a ‘Bonjour’ and a ‘Merci’ here and there, though I did accidentally order a bottle of water in Ger-nglish (“Ein….water…bitte?”).

Two cultural takeaways: The Eiffel Tower is way prettier from far away and lit up at night. And the smallest sodas at restaurants (I believe 0,2L size) were at least 4€. Pourquoi?!?

New Year’s Eve wanderings:

Père Lachaise Cemetery

And the rest:

Eiffel TowerLittle points of lightLights for everyone!

One response to “Snapshots of Paris

  1. very cool you saw graves of Chopin, Morrison, Stein, Wilde, etc. Finally printing out more of your travel blogs to read and share with my mother. What fun you are having!! Aunt B.

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