das Kino

On Friday, a friend and I went to the movies. In general, I don’t normally like going to the movies, but this was a chance to have a unique cultural experience. Also, my better half was out of town (more on that in another post), and he never would have sat through this, no matter what language it was in.

It was cute and, as you could probably tell, not terribly hard to follow. As I always say, thank goodness that ‘cocaine’ is the same in so many languages.

Getting the movie tickets was so very confusing. I don’t know if this is the case in all of Germany, but at this theater, we had to choose whether we wanted to sit in the front half or the back half of the theater, and were given assigned seats. For some reason, sitting in the front costs less. Since this was all an unexpected step that deviated from the normal “I say a few words and then give you money” routine, both of our brains shut down. It was a good start.

The popcorn at the movies here is sweet(!), like kettle corn. They also have wine, beer and champagne available, which shouldn’t surprise me at this point, but I still got a kick out of it. I guess if you’re really craving that your popcorn be slathered in oil, you can drink enough beer to be okay with it.

As an American, I felt utterly embarrassed sitting through the previews before the movie. Pop quiz: What is the only thing that could possibly be worse than the movie ‘Jack and Jill‘?

Jack and Jill’ dubbed into German.

I’m not sure why this movie existed, even if ever-so-briefly, in the U.S. It makes even less sense that it’s now coming out here in Germany. If we had more time, I suppose we could travel eastward and enjoy the glory of ‘Jack and Jill’s arrival into other lands. It would be much like heading towards a spectacular sunrise, especially the part where it incinerates your corneas and makes you wish you never left the house.


2 responses to “das Kino

  1. I already forgot about those previews. I guess my mind wanted to get rid of this, so I’m sorry I won’t see the link 🙂

    But that’s a really nice and interesting blog !

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