Bits of Bielefeld

With all of the traveling we’ve been doing, I’ve been neglecting to share things that we have enjoyed around Bielefeld. We visited the following places while my family was here for the holidays.

Kunsthalle Bielefeld – The art museum had a great exhibit about the early life of Picasso, including the French circus and nightlife culture that influenced his work. One room had a series of silent movies from the early 1900s, including the relatively famous Le Voyage dans la lune. It certainly holds up well:

Of greater importance than Picasso, however, is cheesecake. We stopped at Schäfer’s Café in the Kunsthalle and yes, those are pomegranate seeds.

One particular restaurant that we loved was Yol, a Turkish restaurant downtown. We especially loved the fact that they were open on Christmas Eve, a lone welcoming business front on an empty and rainy street. All of the food was amazing (especially the tender, innocent baby lamb that I ate – I’m unstoppable now). However, since we were seated next to the dessert case, this little concoction caught our attention, causing a race to finish the main course so we could order it:

Cream puffs and chocolate and pistachios, oh my.


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