A Sojourn in the Fatherland, Part 2

One day all the mathematicians boarded a bus and visited the nearby city of Poznań. It’s the fifth largest city in Poland, and will be the site of the Euro Cup this summer. That’s like the European Super Bowl, but with a soccer ball instead of a football, wine instead of beer, and existential ennui instead of nachos.

Here’s a picture of the clock counting down to the Euro Cup, and a shot of Poznań’s main square. I also got a quick shot of the authentic Polish “Sioux Restaurant Grill.”

Oh, and they also had an awesome statue of Poseidon.

There were signs saying zaproszony everywhere, which I noticed because the word looks a little like my last name if you just glance at it, though it really means something like “welcome,” e.g., to the restaurant. It kind of threw me for a loop to think I saw my name everywhere, though I guess if your name is something like “Brown” or “Turner” or “iPod” you’re not too impressed with my story.

In Poznań we also visited the Lech brewery, where we learned all about how Lech beer is made (hint: in giant copper Hershey’s Kisses).

At the end of the tour we were treated to an inspirational promotional video, explaining why Lech’s parent company was the best in the world, brewed the tastiest beer and had the happiest employees ever. The video ended with a proud man gazing into a glass of beer as an American flag rose behind him, waving in slow motion. Wait, what? Are we still in Poland? Ah yes, now I understood why the beer tasted like Miller Light. Because it was.

Two goats butting heads are the symbol of Lech, and in fact all of Poznań, apparently based on an incident where two goats wandered into city hall and started fighting. At noon every day the clock tower opens and two mechanical goats come out and recreate this scene, butting heads 12 times. Sadly it was about 3:20pm when I got this shot of the clock tower, so no goats.


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