Extremely Cultural Musical Adventure

Well, I’m nearly a week late with this post and I have little to show for it except for a video that I found on youtube. I’ll just say it’s because I needed time to recover from our first concert in Germany, at a small venue outside of the Bielefeld downtown. Was it an up-and-coming German band? Not exactly. Was it even German? Well, they spoke some German during the show:

We had a hard time believing that they were coming to Bielefeld, of all places. Perhaps they had a hard time believing that, too. It was a hilarious show – most of the songs were on Scrubs at one point or another and the audience knew all of them. While I am hausfrauing around during the day I usually have Scrubs on in the background, and I’ve been catching up on the later seasons in German since I never saw them in the U.S. I even caught a couple of episodes featuring Ted’s band during the day before the concert, so it was very surreal to then see them in person a few hours later, speaking English.

For those curious, a “Ringlokschuppen” is part of a trainyard where trains are redirected onto various tracks. The venue is on an old trainyard and has a cool industrial atmosphere. When the temperature rises above freezing, I’d like to go back and take some photos.

For now, however:

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