Budapubs and Budabucks

Our coolness factor was at an all-time high when we went to this pub on Saturday night. Budapest is known for ‘ruin pubs,’ housed in old buildings with eclectic, discarded furniture and decorations. This place was relatively-hidden from the street.* Check out that guy drinking in a bathtub. He is enjoying the local beer, Dreher, which was cheap and plentiful at this particular pub.

I don’t think that we truly got a handle on Hungarian money while we were there. As of this writing, one euro equals about 281 Hungarian forints. One dollar is about 222 forints. As you will notice, neither of these is easily divisible by anything. As wild as we are, we managed to keep our spending under control. Our most ‘extravagant’ meal, eaten after a long and tiring day of travel, included beers and dessert and cost about 8100 forints (a whopping $36).

At the Information desk at the Budapest airport, we bought 72-hour travel tickets, good for all buses, trains, trams, whatevers. I think they were about 28 euros each. Most places will accept Euros as well as forints, though certainly to the disadvantage of the customer. (For reference, Hungary is in the EU and has a long-term goal of adopting the Euro.)

*I have searched forever to find that clip of Zoolander where they enter Hansel’s house (full of skateboarders, sherpas, etc.). Thanks in part to Germany’s youtube policies, it is nowhere to be seen. But just picture us being that cool when we walked in, and you’ll get the idea.


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