The food of Budapest

We noted that in order to leave a restaurant in Budapest, you pretty much have to line-tackle the waiter and make sure that you say the words “bill”. As is the case in Europe, you’re expected to take your time with your meal. In Budapest, we had to flail our arms, shout, and in some cases, pack up to go and then just go find the waiter. It was a small readjustment for such delicious food, and everyone we met was friendly and ready to speak English with us. For reference, service was usually included on the bill.

See photos labeled from left to right below


(1)pumpkin risotto and (2) some kind of mushroom pancake

Pozsonyi Kisvendéglő – known for cheap food and lots of it

(3) noodles with ewe’s cheese and cracklin’s and [4] turkey cordon bleu with mashed potatoes

Costa Coffee – a chain, yes. But I really liked the artwork they did on my

[5] cappucino

Some restaurant in the Jewish quarter whose name I can’t find

[6] fruit with ginger and [7] a breakfast omelette

Ruszwurm Confectionery in Buda

[8] plum cake with [9] poppyseed-filled pastry

Something else to know about eating in Budapest – every coffee shop and every restaurant that we went into offers wireless access. It’s such a convenience while traveling, and I don’t know if I’ve been in any other city or country where it was so readily available.

It’s been nearly a week, so I’m hoping to wrap up the Budapest posts soon. Stay tuned for a labyrinthine adventure, sans Bowie, and photos of Buda in the sun. (Remember the sun? I kind of do.)

I’ve been inspired by the poppyseed pastry, so if anyone knows where I can buy lots of poppyseeds and other relevant baking supplies in Bielefeld, let me know!


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