We spent last weekend in Würzburg, our first foray into Bavaria. We were graced with the sun (at least on Saturday), so we were practically delirious with vitamin D. For those interested, we had good meals at La Fenice and Zum Lammle, and Würzburg also offers a lot for the, er, more fancily-inclined. There’s a university there, but we saw fewer bars and kebab shops and more people drinking wine and eating organic bread than we would have expected. It’s certainly a very pretty town, so – on to the photos:

Festung Marienberg and Art Museum

We walked around the grounds of the fortress. It’s not currently open for guided tours, so we decided to go to the art museum on site.

First rule of the Festung? Don’t drop your red ball behind the bed.

Residenz Palace

Later that afternoon, we took a guided tour of the Residenz Palace in the east of the city. No photos allowed, though I doubt my camera would be able to capture how ridiculous some of the rooms were. A room made entirely of painted glass? Curtains made of stucco?

Würzburg holds the dubious distinction of having been nearly entirely destroyed by bombs in about 22 minutes during WWII. A lot of the palace caught fire during the bombing, so most things are not original (especially not the wooden floors). A few of the rooms were completely reconstructed in the 1980s-90s based off of photos taken before the fire, and it was not a cheap undertaking.

One piece that was not destroyed was a fresco on the main ceiling depicting “the” four continents – Europe, Asia, Africa and America. It’s as hilariously offensive as it sounds. Europe is the bastion of all culture and knowledge. They’re trying to approach America, but it’s full of uncultured, passionate savages who are not yet ready for its booklearnings. Seeing as our most intense conversation earlier that day was about the possibility of Chipotles being around in Europe* and how happy that would make us and how much we wanted to be eating Chipotle while we walked around the fortress – well, you might say the writing’s on the wall…

After seeing the inside, we walked around the grounds for a bit:

Fun fact: Würzburg is the birthplace of the X-ray, or Röntgenbild.

And some photos of the main Market Square. Even the buildings have bling:

*One in London. Zero in Germany.


2 responses to “Würzburg

  1. Ooooh! I used to live in Würzburg (for university). Your photos made me homesick–in a good way. 🙂

    Did you get to visit Walther von der Vogelweide’s grave? I used to bring him roses from time to time.

  2. I did not! And as a matter of fact, Wikipedia *just* taught me who he was 🙂 What a beautiful place to go to university. Any other recommendations for places to visit in Germany? We have at least 3 more months…

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