Un poco más de Sevilla

On our second day in Sevilla, we went to the Real Alcázar, probably the best of the alcazares I saw in Spain and my favorite attraction in Sevilla. It became less nostalgic when I realized that this time around we each had to pay 8 euros to go in, rather than entering for free as students. But the reward inside was worth it – we stayed for a few hours, lounging in the gardens.

It was about 70 degrees the whole time we were there, which was luxurious. Just the right weather for the oranges to begin falling off the trees. We only had a couple of close calls, once at dinner in a plaza and once in the Alcázar. I’ve never been beaned directly, but they could do some serious damage.

It was also the perfect weather for some orange chocolate ice cream from Rayas…

…and for walking along the Guadalquivir.

We walked through la Universidad, where I took classes on such incredibly useful topics as the life and works of Cervantes and the literature of the Spanish Civil War.

We failed to see Sevilla’s newest ‘attraction,’ which seems to draw mixed opinions. Yet another site that was under massive construction the whole time that I lived there was la Plaza de la Encarnación. What I didn’t know was that it was being prepared for this, the Metropol Parasol. We didn’t go up, but I did take a quick lone picture from below:

It’s fair to say that it doesn’t really mesh with the rest of Sevillian architecture.


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