Barcelona: Parc Güell and la Boqueria

Though I had been to Barcelona before, I was pretty much dancing with excitement to go back again. We only had one full day in the city, so we tried to hit a few of the major sites and spend time just walking around town.

Animals for sale on la Rambla:

On Friday morning, we headed to la Boqueria. This was by far my favorite part of Barcelona when I first visited about six years ago. You feel like you’ve walked through the doors of Wonka’s chocolate factory; it’s visually stunning and you don’t know which stands to start salivating over. We ate breakfast at what we learned afterwards is a culinary institutionBar Pinoxto, situated just to the right of the main entrance. Two seats at the bar were open, which I guess is very rare, so we went ahead and sat down to order. The bar is run by the most adorable, bow-tied man, who recommended that we order these pastries in addition to our coffee.

After finishing up, we took a walk around the rest of the market, picking up food to take with us to Parc Güell for lunch. 

Then off to figure out the metro and hike from the correct stop up to Parc Güell, (with the help of some escalators carved into the side of the mountain).

And our lunch, hauled from la Boqueria? A fruit bowl, some paella-ish rice, and some kind of empanada and salad that was eaten too quickly to snap a picture.

If you’re looking to use the metro during just a couple of days in Barcelona, you should probably get the T10 ticket. It cuts the price of each ride by more than 50%. Rides on the subway and public buses are otherwise 2 euros each.


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