Barcelona: Sleeping and Eating

In Barcelona, we stayed at the Acta Mimic Hotel, something that I found on that was in our price range. It. Was. Awesome. Granted, our standards are pretty low in general, and we had just come from a less-than-stellar hotel in Sevilla. I couldn’t get any good pictures myself, so here are some shots from the hotel’s page.

Rather than being in a separate room with a door, the bathroom is part of the bedroom, and there is a curtain you can pull across to divide the two. One wall of the bathroom/shower was actually fogged glass overlooking the city. We were on the fifth floor; I don’t know if I would have thought it was so cool if we were on the ground floor, with people walking right by the window.

As for eating…

We wandered through the Gothic Quarter on our first night and decided on Bliss, a quiet little restaurant where we could eat outside in a plaza.

Pasta with black olive tapenade:

After a lot of indecision on our second night, we went to Setial. It’s impossible to choose where to go since you’re always within a stone’s throw of another interesting-looking place just down the street. We were, of course, far too early for dinner, even though we were starving. We played it cool by ordering some wine and tapas first (spicy Galician sausage and gambas).

And then some paella to share:

When we asked for the bill, the waitress brought us each a shot of … something something yerba. It was compliments of the house and supposedly aids digestion.

Til next time, Barcelona! *waves*

4 responses to “Barcelona: Sleeping and Eating

  1. Looks like a perfect place to eat, eat and eat some more! When you have the time, do drop by my space. I just made some chickpea and cracker-based hors d’œuvres and would love to know what you think

  2. What you got was a “chupito de orujo de hierba” [shotglass of brandy]. It’s pretty standard to get one at the end of a meal in Catalunya. Orujo comes from Galicia where it’s called “aguardiente” [burning water] which is a totally apt description of what it tastes like going down.

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