Everyday eats

We don’t go out to eat much here unless we’re traveling, but upon going through some old photos I realized that I have evidence that we still eat pretty well.

Goulash and knödeln, courtesy of Martin:

Sunday nights sometimes bring us to desperate measures. We got into a bad cycle of running out of groceries on Sundays (which is when everything is closed here) and so we end up eating something weird/sad for dinner. This is how I ended up making my first (and last) tuna casserole. But these Moroccan-spiced eggplant halves were a bit better:

A few weeks ago we went to our friend Marion’s house for an authentic French dinner. She takes much better photos than I do, which you can see here. Pictured below are fried potatoes (which also had bleu cheese sauce), crepes (which I helped make!) and French wine (which I helped drink!).

And for when you want some Americana but you’re not really feelin’ the tuna casserole, there is always these cookies, courtesy of the New York Times. They don’t have sticky brown sugar here, but the cookies all got eaten, so I guess I can get by without it. There’s still enough butter in them to take a few years off your life.

I can’t post about these cookies without sharing this video about the American pro-cookie agenda.


7 responses to “Everyday eats

  1. How hard was it to find chocolate chips? They are around 9Euro a bag in Amsterdam, so we have visitors bring them from the States!

    • I didn’t even look for them:) I always just buy a bar of chocolate and chop it up. By the way, the recipe calls for WAY more chocolate than you would ever need. It’s something like 500 grams, but I used a 200 gram bar of chocolate and it was more than enough.

  2. When I made cookies in Spain I think I used water to soften brown sugar cubes – the kind you feed to horses. Are there sugar cubes in Germany?

  3. Haha, great video! Now I’d really like some cookies…unfortunately, there’s none in the apartment.

    I feel your pain about Sundays…it’s usually my low day of eats, too.

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