A weekend in Aarhus

It’s gotten pretty warm here recently, almost making us nostalgic for the rainy and bitingly-cold winter months (not). To get back to a more frigid temperature, we took a train up to Denmark to visit the seaside town of Aarhus over Easter weekend.

Small as it is, it’s actually the second-largest city in Denmark. It’s quiet and calm, with relatively flat land and not too many people around. The spelling of the town is probably the most controversial thing about it – in 1948, the Danish spelling reform changing it from Aarhus to Århus. Then, it was recently changed from Århus back to Aarhus, to make it more internationally-accessible, but many people prefer the traditional spelling.

We were there for about a day and a half. It was sunny the whole time we were there, but deceptively so. You can spend a few hours outdoors, basking in the light, before you realize that your bones are completely cold.

Everyone speaks English and is ridiculously nice, so we had no trouble getting around. We stopped in a coffee shop to warm up, but found out that they didn’t take credit cards. They still let me use the restroom and wait there while Matt went to go take out kroner. Then I went out to find him and redirect him when the very apologetic waitress realized that she gave him incorrect directions to the ATM. As Matt put it, “Scandinavia must be like the Minnesota of Europe.” (Yes, we did go back to get coffee once we had money, and it was some of the most expensive coffee I’ve ever had.)

Next post: photos of boats and food, and things to know about traveling to Denmark.

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