More on Aarhus

Some more random observations about Denmark, and obligatory pictures of delicious food:
  • Danish people walk really quickly. Matt and I are both really fast walkers, or so we thought, and we were getting outpaced by everyone. I’d like to observe some Danish people walking around Spain.
  • Nobody locks up their bikes:
  • Nobody locks up their babies. I’d heard this about both Iceland and Finland as well – it’s perfectly normally to leave your kid outside in a carriage and out of your sight while you go shopping.
  • Don’t tip anyone, ever. Food is pretty expensive, especially when eating out at a restaurant. My understanding is that people make relatively high salaries, so waiters don’t need the tips to make a living. My little plate of fish and chips, pictured below, cost 50 kronen, or about $10. The food is delicious, but comes in smaller portions. We wanted to get a small piece of pie to fill up a little more, but it would have cost around $8. Not really worth it – instead, we got two McFlurrys for about $4 each. The next morning, we also had the first part of our Easter Sunday brunch at 7-11. Yes, I just typed that sentence. We each had a dry cinnamon roll for about $3 total. If it wasn’t 7-11, it would have been McDonald’s again – those were the only two things open and of course, we wanted a diverse cultural experience.

We did, however, have a brunch buffet on our first morning in Aarhus – see below for bread, sausages, fruit and homemade Nutella and strawberry jam. The menu, which we could not read, came in a little book.

In general, we did not feel hip enough to be in Aarhus. There are boutiques and art galleries everywhere, and everyone is very stylish without looking like they tried very hard. To get a break from all of this modern coolness, we hung out at the docks for a while:

We’re looking forward to heading back to Denmark to see Copenhagen, perhaps when it’s just a little bit warmer out.


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