What a (relatively) lazy weekend looks like

Found some books yesterday at the Recycling Börse, which is like a Goodwill here in Bielefeld.

I am super excited about reading Pu der Bär. It’s right on my level, and I’ve already learned how to say such useful words as “paws”.

I also was feeling adventurous and picked up this textbook on German grammar. That’s right, it’s for 5th and 6th graders. That girl in the yellow shirt *really* wants you to have good grammar, though. (Don’t look directly into her eyes!)

She *really* wants you to learn your grammar.

Then I open it up and find out some jerk kid already wrote in my book:


I’ll perform some handwriting analysis and track him down. In the meantime, how about some oatmeal raisin cookies?

2 responses to “What a (relatively) lazy weekend looks like

  1. Wunderbar! I always feel bad about my language level when I pass playgrounds and children speak better than I do, haha. I’m hoping it will get there sometime, right? I also have a German grammar book, but it’s most definitely for adults and from the 70s, which makes for quite a dry read.

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