Sights of Bielefeld

We’ve been rewarded with a lovely little town to live in, after months and months of freezing misery. Ok, it’s still kind of cold and the clouds can rush in at a moment’s notice, but I’ll take what I can get.

A few days ago, I was admiring a rainbow from our apartment, and waxing all philosophical to myself about how when you live somewhere rainy, it just means you have more rainbows in your life. I opened up our window to lean out and get a good shot of it – and the sky promptly opened up and started sleeting. Sideways. Into my face. Thanks, Germany.

However, no photographers were harmed while taking rainbow photos below, from the safety of the U-Bahn:

This…thing is just behind where we live. Someone sells strawberries out of the strawberry’s open mouth. Thanks…Germany?

And some barnyard-variety animals that we stumbled upon while out for a walk one day. This city sure has a lot of beautiful neighborhoods and hidden perks that you’d never know were there unless you, well, found them yourself:

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