Traditional Dutch Food in The Hague

We just returned from a couple of days in Den Haag, our first foray into the Netherlands. Most important thing to do in a new country? Try whatever food is representative of the culture. Well…

On our first evening, we wandered through the downtown shopping area, trying to pick out a place to eat from one of the many options. We settled on perhaps the fourth Indonesian restaurant that we saw (Srikandi). We were not disappointed.

I got the plate with rice in the middle, surrounded by lots of goodies – tender pork, beef cooked in a mole-like sauce, spicy green beans, peanuts and coconut shavings.

On our second evening, we walked along a street that is by the Peace Palace, looking for one particular Thai place that was advertised on our hotel map. This again took forever – not because it was far, but because between our hotel and the Thai restaurant, we had to stop and examine our options for Italian, Colombian, Greek, African and other cuisines. My life is so hard.

We did have some actual Dutch food on our walk along the beach, however:


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