A morning in Keukenhof

While in the Hauge, we took a bus to Lisse to visit the famed Keukenhof. (Think Disneyworld, but for tulips.) It was about a 50 minute ride each way. If you’re ever doing a day trip from the Hague to Lisse just to see the tulips, you’ll actually save a few euros by not buying the Kombiticket that they sell at the Central Station (as the guy told me when I tried to buy it). The ticket includes bus fare and the park entrance fee, but you’re also paying for admission to other places in Lisse that we weren’t going to visit. We ended up paying €13.50 for a round trip ticket for two on the bus, and then €14.50 each to get into Keukenhof.

I was worried that we would be stuck in a huge line to buy tickets at Keukenhof, but the park was actually relatively empty when we got there, and we didn’t have to wait at all. You can wander through the outdoor gardens and then visit multiple pavilions, which have flower shows and exhibits. It’s possible to rent bikes, but we found it all very walkable.

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The cynic in me (yes, it’s surprising, but there is one) has to wonder about the billions of photos that get taken of these flowers every year. They’re lovely flowers but, in the end, they’re just flowers – so are any of the photos really so different from the others? There seemed to be two main styles of photo-taking: making your significant other sit or stand with some flowers and look pleased about it, or hunching over some flowers to get a close-up of the petals on the macro setting, praying that a dog or small child doesn’t topple you into the flower beds from behind.

4 responses to “A morning in Keukenhof

  1. Nice tulips! (and other flowers)…Glad you made it to Keukenhof Gardens. My mother will be glad to know you made it there too. She asked me if you had. My brother was there a long time ago, and mother has NEVER forgotten HIS tulip photos!

    • Thanks! We didn’t know that we were there during the last weekend of a very short season. At least it will definitely be there next year, too 🙂

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