Around den Haag

Here are some other assorted photos from our time in the Hague.

The Peace Palace

Well, we accidentally only saw the back of the Peace Palace. That would explain why it wasn’t terribly impressive. There was, however, this pile of rocks:

Walking through the palace gardens….

Sculptures in the shopping area. The duckman is by Hans Van Bentem, the artist we saw at a museum in town.

It’s a lush and green city, with huge, sweeping trees lining the streets in some neighborhood. Many parts of it reminded us of New Orleans, like this shot of the tram tracks:

Ah, the beach. We walked all the way out on a pier, checking out the surfers, windsurfers and fishermen that were hard at it, despite a coming storm. We were also treated to watching a seagull destroying a crab. That seagull was not messing around.

And finally, because I’m a sucker for outdoor markets, we traveled to the De Haagse Markt, which purports to be the largest market in Europe. They had sweet potatoes, which I have not been able to find in Germany, and I’m wishing I had bought some to bring back on the train.


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