Fußball season

What’s that? I can talk about soccer here and not have anyone roll their eyes at me? I have an actual sport that I can talk about with my English students? Perfect!

Last week, we even had a chance to go to a women’s qualifying match for the UEFA Women’s Euro Cup 2013, just down the street from us in Bielefeld. It was Germany vs. Romania and, as you might be able to guess, it did not go very well for Romania. Click here to watch all five(!) goals. The video doesn’t quite capture how hard it was raining at certain points.

And what does one eat at a German soccer match? We had brezels and some sort of sandwiches. I will leave it up to my astute readership to decide what kind of sandwiches they were.*

This is not the only high-scoring match we’ve seen lately. There are usually at least two simultaneous options on TV every night, and we watched the Dutch crush Northern Ireland 6-0 the other night. It’s almost exciting enough to get Americans to watch, oder?

*They may or may not have been, or definitely were, pork.

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