Genau wie Scrubs?

When I first started watching Scrubs in college, I don’t think I would have believed you if you told me that it would be such a big part of my life when I moved to Germany. (Or that I would move to Germany, but that’s a whole other story…).

However, it’s on about 4 times per day and has kept me good company while I Hausfrau around. I think my German must be getting a little better, since now I can understand a larger percentage of any given Dr. Cox rant. It could just be because I’ve seen them all so many times in English, and now in German, that I have them memorized…but let’s just say that my German is improving. It’s also served as a great unifying force – in my German class, when I offered the word “intern” as an English translation for something we were discussing, my Croatian classmate piped up, “Oh! Genau wie Scrubs!” Plus, did I mention that the German people love them some a capella music?

I finally saw one of my all-time favorite moments on the show in German last week.:

J.D. can’t connect with the patient because he speaks German. Or, when it’s shown dubbed into German, the patient speaks Danish. I guess that in the German-dubbed version, they’re united purely by their love for the song “99 Red Balloons”. Which actually still makes sense, to be honest.

I’m less convinced that this part was culturally accurate in German (where Elliot gives examples of how she speaks Danish):

Maybe they have milkmaids in Denmark, but I didn’t get the impression in Aarhus that the Danes are used to yelling at people (mostly they were just painfully nice).

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