Terrible Movies on German TV

To sum up: all movies that are dubbed become terrible, in different ways. If it’s a respectable movie with excellent actors, like Rain Main or The Fugitive, you just wish you were watching it with the original dialogue. And if the plot is easy enough for me to follow even when it’s all dubbed into German, then it’s just not a good movie. And then there are others that are a whole other level of bad – yes, the dialogue is easy enough to follow, but they’re so campy (and sometimes not even aware of it) that I get sucked in, quickly and unabashedly. It’s trash that I wouldn’t normally have the stomach for, except I’m eagerly hanging onto the German words and trying to follow what they’re saying. It’s just enough stimulation to keep me hooked – much like a cat with a laser pointer. Here are just a few that I’ve caught on T.V. that kept me up way later than they should have:

Prey – It’s that movie about the killer lions that isn’t The Ghost and the Darkness. Not to spoil anything, but after the father heroically saves his wife and children from the killer lions via a bloody shootout, they run to each others’ arms and hug. Then, naturally: “Well, let’s go home now.” They all walk off together, smiling and unscathed. Credits roll.

Frogs – The part I remember most about this movie was the snakes, not the frogs. Either it’s badly-titled or I have the wrong movie here, though I have a feeling Sam Elliot didn’t choose to make more than one amphibian-based scary movie in his career.

Over Her Dead Body – I mean…it had Paul Rudd in it. ‘Nuff said.

2 responses to “Terrible Movies on German TV

  1. I too hate dubbed movies in principle but the reality is that the voice over artistes often change the tone in surprising ways. “Born on the Fourth of July” in Spanish is, no joke, hilarious. The guy who does Tom Cruise’s voice is so overly dramatic that it veers into a parody of a Vietnam movie. German, being the funniest language, must have some classic dubs too.

    • I will have to check that one out! We’ve been generally surprised by some of the casting choices for German voice actors (would you ever expect to hear a nasaly, whiny Tommy Lee Jones, for example?). I guess it makes even just watching television an adventure!

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