Inspiring Blog Award!

A big thank you to Kristin at Expatially Mexico for nominating me for the Inspiring Blog Award!

Since I am now primarily working as a freelance writer and the ability to make connections in a new foreign country are always rather limited, I’ve been very lucky to connect with other bloggers on this crazy thing we call the “internets.” Discussing shared experiences and describing things that resonate with your readers is a lot what being a writer is all about. To that end, I’ve tried to connect with bloggers that are in a similar expat situation. Here are just some of the ones that I look forward to reading!

Baking My Way Through Germany – Getting a delicious baker’s education in Germany!

German-American Abroad – German-American in NYC!

Those Dam Americans – Americans in the Netherlands!

An American Hermit Crab in Denmark – American in Denmark!

Live. Love. Run Away. Finding My Own Happiness – American in Paris!

Putting the Anglo Into Saxony – An English girl in Germany!

Americans in Germany – Americans – well, I’ll bet you can guess. Americans in Cologne, to be more specific. Plus a dog.

Thank you all for sharing your exploits abroad and always giving me some food for thought!

2 responses to “Inspiring Blog Award!

  1. Whooza! Thanks so much! ‘Tis is a great honor to have received the award, what a happy moment! Before passing it on: Are there any rules to the award such as minimum number of people to nominate?

  2. No problem, Laura! I actually do not know the rules myself. I think you are supposed to talk about what inspires you and then nominate however many blogs you would like. I imagine the idea is that each blogger ‘makes it their own’ with however they choose to post – at least, that’s what I told myself when I was doing it!

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