U.S. Tour Snapshots

We recently returned from a whirlwind trip to the U.S. Conferences, family and friends were everywhere. I’m trying to practice that time-tested screenplay technique of “show, don’t tell;” to that end, here are some photos of the places that we went. First photo is not mine, nor was I even in Utah, but Mr. Math was there for a conference:

Salt Lake Flats in Utah:



Michigan (Sleeping Bear Dunes):


3 responses to “U.S. Tour Snapshots

  1. Loved your trip photos, Sam!! You really did cover some ground! And, yes, I too hope that you can visit me sometime soon! You need some photos of Wisconsin to add to the gallery…s
    ome nice Holsteins perhaps? Barb

  2. Hello,

    I absolutely love your first photograph of the salt flats. I was hoping I could use it on behalf of a non-profit organization here in the US for a short publication resource they’re putting out. Can you please contact me about using your photograph? Thank you!

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