Flohmarkt Finds, American Style

Last Saturday was the monthly flea market at Siegfriedplatz, which I first wrote about here. Didn’t find anything quite as good as a German version of Huck Finn this time around, though we did come across this:

It’s clearly hilarious, but it turned out to be a huge 2-euro mistake. It did not actually contain America’s “favourite” songs, but rather covers of these songs by an orchestra and some singers. At least, the box claimed it was an orchestra. It sure sounded like an orchestra with drums, guitars and everything else to make the songs sound as close as possible to the originals, which doesn’t sound like any orchestra I know.

After picking up our fated double disc set, we enjoyed the cake for sale. It’s made by the people renting booths, who in turn receive a discount on their booth fee.

Blueberry cheesecake and apple cake. Mmmmm.

Speaking of American crap, we also went to Lidl on this same outing, and I cracked up when I saw one of the displays in the middle of the store. It had rows and rows of food products sold by this brand:

Of course, I had to buy some of the “American” sweet popcorn (which I guess is a truly special treat, since we don’t even have sweet popcorn in the U.S.). Have not tried it yet, but it makes me smile every time I look at it, so I might be keeping the box around for a while. You can read some hilarious expat reactions to the McEnnedy brand here, here and here.


16 responses to “Flohmarkt Finds, American Style

  1. The “American” section in the food hall at Karstadt always amuses me. It’s pretty much all sweet stuff (Pop Tarts, marshmallows, Cadburys chocolate spread and a packet mix for scones – which actually comes from the UK (I know because I read the back of the box). Then there’s some random Heinz stuff. Oh, and Colman’s mustard… which I’m pretty sure isn’t actually American? But then, where else would you shove the token British product?

  2. The stuff at our Karstadt (and Real, and other similar places) is all of that, plus about 15 kinds of hot sauce. So much hot sauce. And then lots of things related to tacos and tortillas. I haven’t noticed if they lump together the British and American things at ours, but it would not surprise me! Similarly, it kills me when I go into a bookstore and they label *all* of the “English Sprache” books with a ton of British flags 🙂

    • The tacos and tortillas and stuff at ours are labelled Mexican. Then there’s the “Asian” bit, which includes Chinese, Japanese and Indian foods.

      Haha, yes all the English books at Thalia have big British flags above them, yet the majority of authors are American. Mind you, they have now started selling tea bags, shortbread and Green & Blacks chocolate at our Thalia, which may be British but certainly isn’t in any way book related 😉

    • Love kettle corn! I guess they do sometimes sell microwave kettle corn in the States, come to think of it. What’s really different here, though, is that it’s the only kind of popcorn sold at the movie theater. It’s a bit more appealing than having your popcorn slathered with liquid butter 🙂

      • Yes I noticed that too! Also noticed that they sell beeeeeeeer at the movie theatre. LOVE THAT. 🙂

  3. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out Some of the McEnnedy stuff is actually pretty good (like their peanut butter) and then some of it is just plain weird. But I always stock up on their cranberries and marshmallows – so great to have a taste of home. Enjoy your sweet popcorn! 🙂

  4. I love the conversation – and equally as an expat recently moved to the USA the ‘Ethnic’ section of our local Publix supermarket which contains, Mexican, Italian, Asian and British – but very little Australian (which is what I’m really looking for). There is also a little sign that explains the use by date on the British food – day first, month second. I had a giggle the other day when presenting my ID at the check out when buying beer and was asked ‘Were you born in the six month or the twenty-eighth’? I think a two second break between reading and asking would have saved the question but its going down as one of my favourite conversations with an American so far.

    • Oh my. You’ll have to excuse us Americans. We don’t get out much.

      Re: Australian food, I wonder if you could more easily order things from a huge retailer like Amazon? I’m trying to think of what I know about Australian food, and all my mind is coming up with is Vegamite and Foster’s 🙂 Like I said, we don’t get out much.

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