American Pancakes from ‘merica

We’ve gotten into a pretty bad habit of buying things because we think they’re funny. Nothing huge, and nothing expensive, but it’s not really a practice you want to encourage when you’re in a temporary living situation. See this post. And this one.

We went to Edeka for the first time recently. It’s the closest thing to an American grocery store that we’ve seen so far – wide aisles, lots of selection. Oh, and this pancake mix.

So, clearly, we bought it. The brand may be a reference to Easy Rider, a Jack Nicholson movie that I’ve never seen, but which both of my parents immediately thought of when I showed them the box over Skype. If you look really closely, you can see that he’s driving on Route 1 – except that I don’t think that’s what the “Route” signs really look like in the U.S. Something about the shape is just not right. Nevertheless, Nick has a whole backstory: he’s in his 50s, loves to travel the American highways on his motorcycle, and is a “Hobbykoch” – cooking enthusiast. Naturlich.

Having the bought the pancakes, we of course needed to eat them. Pancakes are a little too much work and too filling for me to eat for breakfast, so we decided to do a “breakfast for dinner” night, with pancakes, hash browns, and bacon. And the only bacon for sale at Netto was, naturally:

That’s right. American Style Bacon. I promise I wasn’t looking for something like this – it was really the only option that wasn’t just a blatant hunk of fatty pork back. Then, we bought this just to round it all out:

To sum up: I burned almost all of the pancakes, but the non-burnt parts tasted pretty good. Bacon was good, if pretty salty. Ice cream? Simply divine.


7 responses to “American Pancakes from ‘merica

    • That caught our eye when we bought the mix too! I love pretty much everything about that website. My dad pointed out that all of the photos from Nick’s travels are very clearly from the 70s.

    • We didn’t even bother trying to look for maple syrup, though the box specifies that you should only use “Nick’s Easy Rider” syrup (of course!) Your food comments make me think – I never really tried to find American things when I was in Spain, but I guess I also wasn’t responsible for cooking for myself. Then again, there was that box of Oreos that I destroyed during a fit of desperate homesickness in my first few weeks….*hangs head in shame*

  1. I’ve never before seen American style bacon in Germany. Lucky you to find it.
    But as to looking for groceries you’re used to: I’m still looking for Raeuchermettwuerstchen here, as well as German style cold cut and Broetchen. These are the items I miss most. Well, cheese, too.
    Take and have a good one,

  2. A friend in Spain once bought me hot dogs after I’d mentioned how much I missed Hebrew Nationals. Of course, the ones she gave me were in a jar and had a huge American-flag-looking design on the label. I never ate them since meat packaged in liquid isn’t what I had in mind, but the label was totally “America!”.

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