Amsterdam Markets

One of the many great things about Amsterdam is the fact that there is no lack of outdoor markets. Probably our favorites were the Lindengracht and Noordermarkt Saturday morning markets in the Jordaan neighborhood. Here are some shots of delicious and interesting things that we saw around town – including a dress that I couldn’t resist, due to its number of owls.

Whenever we go to farmer’s markets in another city, I have to remind myself that we’re not cooking our meals at the moment, so we don’t actually need to buy anything:

I hear there is good cheese in the Netherlands:

Okay…maybe we bought a brownie…

And the dress that just *had* to have. High fashion, people:

I haven’t worn it yet, but I like the dress now even more than when I bought it, only because iPhoto wants me to tag the people in the photo of it (the “people” being the owl eyes that it detects).


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