Flautas or bust

There’s certainly no lack of culture in Europe. But living in a tiny town in northern Germany does not lend itself to a lot of culinary adventures. It also makes it sort of hard to find food that we crave – namely, Mexican-inspired delicacies. Yes, the international sections of stores will sell lots of hot sauce and taco shells under the “American” sign, but that’s not quite what I mean.

We miss some of our favorite food spots from back home, but some well-spiced chicken and soft shell tortillas can do a lot of damage control. I recently tried out this yummy flautas recipe. I couldn’t find chicken breast instead of thighs and it turned out great. Would have been even better if I had made the margaritas pictured on the site, but there is always next time, no?


5 responses to “Flautas or bust

  1. I hear you! We have a tortilla press and haul masa harina back from the US in order to make our own real corn tortillas. I was overjoyed the day I spotted real Mexican salsa verde at a grocery store here in Hong Kong. I cleaned the shelf off!

    • One of my friends here has her family mail masa and chiles from the US! We also got caught up – – almost a little bit emotional – – explaining what “tamales” are to a Finnish friend…

  2. Oh man, we can relate to this. My husband started making his own corn tortillas and chorizo since we can’t find the real thing in Amsterdam!

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