Münster, Revisited

We just spent three days in Münster, due to a very special math conference. In fact, a year ago we made the same trip for the same conference, and it was our first big adventure outside of Bielefeld. I was glad I spent the one day of good weather outside, wandering through the cobblestone streets and taking photos:


Some things I noticed on my second trip that I didn’t notice on the first?

  • Münster is more interesting, aesthetically-pleasing and friendlier than Bielefeld. Not shocking, but it becomes all the more true when you’ve been living in Bielefeld for a year.
  • TK Maxx is invaluable. No, but really. We had spent a Saturday searching for men’s slippers in Bielefeld. We went to about 5 different places before giving up. I managed to spend half an hour or so at the TK Maxx in Münster, and I got enough shopping done to cover about 6 months worth of Saturdays helplessly poking around Bielefeld. Keep in mind, I didn’t get a whole lot of things. That’s just how the equation works out when you’re searching for things in Bielefeld and you’re on a budget. I managed to get a few things (slippers, earphones, a wallet) that I hadn’t been able to find at an affordable price in Bielefeld, as well as other things (leggings) that I know could present a problem later on.

Besides the highly-multicultural shopping experience? Mostly I spent my time completing freelance writing tasks and doing work for my Coursera classes (which I will write about in another post). We did get out for dinner and ice cream, though. Here are some favorite shots of the candy stores and bakeries, which have beautiful window displays. I don’t care one way or the other for marzipan when it comes to eating it, but it does make for a fun store display:



One response to “Münster, Revisited

  1. Great photos! I’ve never been to Münster.
    I would LOVE to have a TK Maxx in Karlsruhe! No such luck though, but we are getting Primark in November. I can’t wait!

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