The food of Hamburg

News alert! We found good pizza in Germany! Namely, it is in Hamburg at a little place called Porta Nova. Who knows if it was the icy downpour outside + my massive head cold, but everything there tasted like heaven.

For lunch on our second day, we tried this great Thai chain, Cha Cha Thai. You may notice that we artfully avoid bratwurst and schnitzel when we travel places in Germany and yes, there is more than enough of that in Bielefeld to go around.

On our last night in Hamburg, we took the metro to the Osterstrasse stop, in the hopes of going to an Asian restaurant that I’d read good things about. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in without a reservation, thanks to someone having a stupid birthday (boo, birthdays!), but we were not left without choices. If you don’t know where to go for food in Hamburg, just come up here. We wandered and surveyed our options. We almost went to one place that looked like a sad, dirty version of Chipotle, and then realized how depressing that would be, for so many reasons. Thai again seemed like too much, but there was Indian, Spanish…oh, and this:

Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy tasteful things, so we decided to pass. We ultimately ended up at aVietnamese restaurant, which was great (and also part of a chain, as it turns out).

They had some really wily fish in a fish tank that seemed like they wanted to jump out and say hi. Keeps the adrenaline going. Also, fried ice cream:


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