Hamburg: Kunst, Speicherstadt und mehr

One of the most striking landmarks in the center of Hamburg is, of course, the Rathaus. Us being us, we didn’t pay for the tour, but we stepped inside and back out into an inner courtyard. The Hamburg Rathaus is bigger than Buckingham Palace, and quite possibly fancier (can’t say for sure, since I also have never paid to go in there).


Another thing to do in Hamburg is visit the Hamburg Art Museum. It’s certainly huge and impressive, but I think we were a little underwhelmed, given the fact that we read that it is the biggest art museum in Germany. Much of the contemporary art wing was closed for renovations (at least, that’s what it looked like – it could have possibly been minimalist art). Some cool things of note: including Andy Warhols and this project from Sophie Calle and Paul Auster. The whole thing was in English, so we spent a lot of time soaking it in.

A lot of the paintings were missing labels altogether, including some that I’m pretty sure were Picassos. And the ones that had English translations? Mostly hilarious. (“Two maidens saturating a deer”, “Roman Hulks,” etc.)

Something else to see in Hamburg? The Warehouse District, also known as the Speicherstadt:


2 responses to “Hamburg: Kunst, Speicherstadt und mehr

    • It was pouring rain when we looked at “Beatles” stops, which mostly involved looking at dirty buildings in the equivalent of the Red Light District. There is at least one fairly expensive Beatles tour that we saw advertised – not sure how much is really there to be looked at, though!

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