Bielefeld Tierpark

One of the more exciting things about living in Bielefeld (which still isn’t terribly exciting, in the traditional sense of the word) is the Tierpark. What exactly is a Tierpark?  How is it different from a zoo? I’ve had Germans explain it to me quite clearly, and other Germans ask *me* what the difference is between a Tierpark and a Zoo. Basically, a zoo tends to have more exotic species, while Tierparks have animals that would be found in the area anyway.

It’s free and it’s open 365 days a year. By some standards, the Tierpark is more convenient than say, the grocery store or the Apotheke. Here are some photos from a recent visit, which happened to coincide with the last hurrah of warm autumn.


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2 responses to “Bielefeld Tierpark

  1. I wouldn’t have known the difference between a zoo and a Tierpark either, so thanks for that. When the zoo in Karlsruhe first opened (in 1865!), it was the Tiergarten (the bridge that goes over it is till called Tiergarten Weg), but now it’s the Zoologischer Garten.

  2. I definitely get confused between Tiergarten, Tierpark, Zoologischer Garten in all of these different towns! If I’m not mistaken, the famous Tiergarten in Berlin was never technically a zoo, but the actual zoo (Zoologischer Garten) is right up next to/inside of the Tiergarten 😛

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