Elfchens, Lanterns, etc.

Thanks to Piia for blogging about one of the central parts of our exhibition – our German haikus, also known as Elfchens.

Picture of identity

This week in Germany is  Laternenfest time, i.e. a lantern season. Kids make these paper lanterns at schools and kindergartens and then walk through their cities in the evening with lighted lanterns (mostly with real candles!).  The actual St. Martin’s day, in honor of whom this festival is celebrated, is November 11 but you can see these processions throughout the week. It really is a very beautiful event, its origins traced to the early Middle Ages. Laternen lieder [lantern songs] are sung and Glühwein (as you would have it I have just been instructed to drink lots of  Glühwein) and kinderpunsch is also on offer.

Not that we aimed to be topical or seasonal with our exhibition Home is where the heART is we nevertheless had lanterns on it. Andrea made these amazing paper lanterns  that acted as a canvas for the poems  we had written earlier. These poems are…

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2 responses to “Elfchens, Lanterns, etc.

  1. I saw a group of kids holding lanterns outside a church last night, getting ready for their parade. They always look so cute (the lanterns, I mean – but the kids do as well come to think of it).

  2. We didn’t see any either year that we’ve been here, but I’ve heard it’s adorable. We also learned in my German class last night that while the kids ask for candy, the parents give each other shots of alcohol 🙂

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