The Colors, Duke!

Here are some photos from the park behind our apartment. It’s a popular place for people, especially elderly people, to take walks, so when I went out with my camera, I fully expected to get yelled at for being on the grass and crawling around in the branches. However, my camera seemed to scare people off. Either they thought I was really artsy and I knew what I was doing, or they thought that I was a little touched and it would be best not to bother me.

Click on one photo to see all of them at a larger size.


And if you don’t know where the title of this post comes from, congratulations. You probably weren’t watching American TV in the 90s:


2 responses to “The Colors, Duke!

  1. iPhoto may have helped a tad…it was a cloudy day. But the colors really are beautiful here. Maybe something to do with the sun being lower than we are used to?

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