Rheda-Wiedenbrück Christmas Market

On Saturday, we took a twenty minute train ride to the small town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück to check out their Christmas market. (The town is technically two parts, Rheda and Wiedenbrück. The Christmas market is located in Wiedenbrück and the train station is in Rheda. If you’ve come in on a train, you’ll want to take the 78 bus to the Ratskeller stop.)

IMG_1700 - Version 2

The Christmas market is nothing huge, but it’s a beautiful little town. These are the sorts of pictures everyone is looking for when you tell them you went to a quaint German village. It’s right out of a fairytale. A very cold fairytale.

IMG_1710 - Version 2







We stopped and got a little something to warm up. Glühwein with blueberries, chile con carne and potato cream soup.

blueberry gluehwein


Before we went, we were told that the lights were beautiful. As the sun started to set, we realized that the it wasn’t so much the lights in the market, but the lights decorating the whole area surrounding the market, that are a big deal. The sky was not too shabby, either.




It was bitterly cold – though maybe the ice on the water wheel gives that away.





4 responses to “Rheda-Wiedenbrück Christmas Market

    • It was good, but a little unexpected. To be honest, we have been buying Gluehwein mostly to keep from freezing at these markets, rather than because it’s particularly delicious 🙂

    • I know people 🙂 More than a few people recommended this one, including some people I met last year. And it looks like a really cute town to visit even if it’s not Weihnachtsmarkt time…but maybe when it’s a bit warmer out.

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