Our Trip to Freiburg

After reaching Frankfurt, we took a few days to travel down to Freiburg, which is the farthest south we’ve been in Germany so far. We were both jet-lagged and drinking caffeine at every chance, so no real coherent story-telling here. We took a hike through the Black Forest:

Forest goats

Forest goats

Freiburg through the Black Forest

Freiburg through the Black Forest

Stopped to get something to eat at a little restaurant in the woods:



Then we climbed to the top of the Freiburg Minster to see the bells and the views. A little daunting after our hike, but nothing compared to the Kölner Dom:

A terrifyingly loud bell, when you're this close.

A terrifyingly loud bell, when you’re this close.



Before getting on our train to come back to Bielefeld, we strolled through a market in the cathedral’s square, which is open almost every day of the week:

2013-01-05 11.01.56

2013-01-05 10.43.52

Finally, the main shopping area has some beautiful buildings:

Notice that fancy, historical McDonald's. You're welcome, Germany.

Notice that fancy, historical McDonald’s. You’re welcome, Germany.


6 responses to “Our Trip to Freiburg

    • So did we, but it’s not nearly as bad. I guess the Koelner Dom has lowered our expectations for how happy we should generally be while climbing historical things. Which works out well when in Europe.

    • If you just want to get a feel for the town and maybe see the church, sure! There is a lot there that we didn’t do because we were just hanging out with friends, but I know that there are also many museums and, of course, the university. Staying one night could give you the chance to see more than we did 🙂

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