Sparrenburg Castle

This past weekend, we took a quick trip up to Bielefeld’s only main attraction: Sparrenburg Castle. We’d been twice before, but both times without a camera, and it was a rare (somewhat) sunny day in February.

Why is it so sunny??? My eyes!

Unaccustomed to sunlight.

View of Bielefeld

View of Bielefeld


WWI memorial

WWI memorial

The Sparrenburg is easily identified by the flag at the top of its tower. And is that another culturally-relevant flag in the window?


Hm, too dark to tell…


Let’s lighten it up and see!



I have no explanation for this.

I have no explanation for this.

Moving on…



Confederate flags aside, it’s a beautiful site and even a popular sunbathing spot during the warmer months. Between April and October you can pay to climb to the top of the tower and take in more of the surrounding area. It’s home to a medieval festival over the summer. We saw someone wandering the grounds dressed as a court jester the last time that we were there, over the fall. Hopefully he works there…


7 responses to “Sparrenburg Castle

  1. Well, I did know that there’s a secessionist movement in Germany, but I always thought it was those Lederhosen guys. 😉 So, if I saw the Bavarian flag in that window, I could (possibly) understand. But the Confederate flag?! Well, maybe the motto, “The South will rise again” applies to the Bavarians, too. 😉
    Best regards from southern Texas,

    • That’s as good a guess as any. We’ve seen it around other places, too…there is a store called “Rebel County” that sells god knows what, and has the flag on its sign. It was also used a lot on the carnival ride marquees at the Oktoberfest we went to. Ah, America…

  2. I think Jan’s been there – if you can book the restaurant for medieval banquets then it was there. It was definitely Bielefeld anyway and I can’t imagine there’s anywhere else in Bielefeld that would fit 😉

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