Things to Miss About Deutschland

We know that our time in Germany is winding down, and for all the time that we’ve spent wondering about what the next step will be, I don’t think we’ve spent too much time wondering about what we’ll miss about Germany. It’s hard to hide the fact that we’re excited to be heading back to the place where we belong; as someone recently put it, “…is there *anything* that you’ll miss?” Sure:


Every German and German-enthusiast that I met before moving here raves about the rolls. Soft on the inside, crusty on the outside. Mmm. It’s not enough to make me want to stay forever, but they are admittedly very good.

Cafe and Kuchen

I’m down with the fact that it’s socially acceptable to have coffee and cake as a midday snack.

In Germany, it's never not time for dessert.

In Germany, it’s never not time for dessert.


It’s cheap and it tastes good. In the U.S., it costs more and it’s not always guaranteed to be good. Of course, you can buy imported German beer, but it’s not very likely that you’ll find it at a price that’s comparable to 75 cents for a half liter.

Science is a reality

I don’t know if this is just because I don’t read/watch enough German news to make myself less than ignorant about these issues, but in Germany you won’t find debates about things like whether or not silly “science” is something to be believed. In one of the local tram stations, there are fossils preserved under glass in the floor from when they were discovered while excavating for the platform. There’s an informative plaque about evolution, biology and lots of other heresy that about 50 percent of Americans would throw a fit about if they saw it in a public place that their tax dollars funded, damn it!

Healthy lifestyle

Despite the fact that most of the things that I’m listing here have to do with snack food, it’s generally a lot harder to be unhealthy here than in the U.S. I don’t know if it’s just because most grocery stores are smaller, but it’s harder to buy junk food here. In our case, we’re also limited by what we can fit in our backpacks (and yes, the very trip to and from the grocery store burns some major calories). Germans also generally love the outdoors, of which there is a lot, especially in our area. It’s common to see couples just getting out and going for walks in the woods on a Sunday when there is little else to do.

Cheap groceries

Regardless of what you’re loading up on, the groceries here are dirt cheap compared to the U.S. Things like fruits and veggies get more expensive when winter rolls around, but they still cost less than what we would be paying in the States.

Luckily, most of what I’ll miss (or at least remember fondly) has to do with food. I imagine that this is a pretty common phenomenon, and something that’s neither impossible to replicate or to live without in a new country. If you know that you’re living somewhere non-permanent, have you already started thinking about what you’ll miss when you’re gone?

8 responses to “Things to Miss About Deutschland

  1. Hi Sam,
    I agree with you re German things I miss here, and I would like to add one more item to your list: the cold cuts. I wish I could find those abundant displays like I can in any German “Metzgerei”.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  2. I love rhat the first two things on your list are food. If I end up leaving Germany it will definitely be food I miss the most! And also Christmas markets.

  3. Oh, that’s exciting! I don’t miss much from Germany, least of all the food – I think German food is just so boring (not the cakes, of course!). I do miss some German TV shows like “Tatort”, and I miss those quiet Sundays when everything is closed.
    We are at the same stage, btw, getting (mentally) prepared for our next move, and yes, I am thinking about what I might miss. The sad truth is: not much, I am afraid. Probably it will take about a year until I will really miss the beach again, so far I feel I’ve had enough of it!

    • Good luck with your upcoming move! As much as we like to complain self-righteously about things being closed, it does make for a relaxing Sunday. That’s funny that you don’t miss much about Germany…I have to say, I would certainly trade you for the beach right about now!

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