Thanks, Fox News

I’m not much for Fox News-bashing, since it just seems to bring more attention to something that should just. Go. Away.

However, this was too funny not to share. If you’re out relaxing on a sunny German beach and would rather not watch the whole video, try the shorter article here.


6 responses to “Thanks, Fox News

  1. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for sharing. Now I know why I – as someone who’s not a sun-worshipper – am so happy here in southern Texas: less sunshine than in my native Germany! 😉 😉
    Best regards from southern Texas, and don’t forget to slap on plenty of sunscreen before you go out 😉
    P.S.: Just now it IS overcast, but I wish iit would rain, really rain, for days on end to relieve us of the yearlong drought.

    • Julia, for reference, Fox News is not really considered to be a “good” source of news in the U.S. 🙂 We can do better than this…

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