A Fitting Farewell to Bielefeld

Dragging all of our luggage, we entered the elevator at the HBF tram stop. A woman with a baby carriage entered behind us. I realized that I had no idea which button to press – we were technically on Floor -1, which was above Floor -2, but the only button options were 0, 1 and 2. They were even aligned with 2 on the top, implying that it was positive 2, not negative 2. After a moment of discussion, the woman chose the right button. Normally, this is the part where the Bielefelder would imply that we were clearly idiots, but she was just as confused as us. We all agreed that it didn’t make any sense – why were the actual floors “minus” when the buttons weren’t? Shaking her head, she exited the elevator with her baby, stating, “Es ist komisch. Es ist nur Bielefeld. Alles in Bielefeld ist komisch.” Trans: It’s funny (read: effed-up). It’s just Bielefeld. Everything in Bielefeld is funny.

It was nice to leave town following a rare positive interaction with a stranger.

As Matt even put it as we pulled out of the train station on our way to Münster, “Bye, Bielefeld. We really liked complaining about you.”

Bye, spaceship university!

Bye, spaceship university!


8 responses to “A Fitting Farewell to Bielefeld

  1. …and I enjoyed reading about your complaining…keep it up…well, perhaps there will be happy things to relate about Munster..hope so!

  2. Hope that you don’t miss Bielefeld too much 😉 Looking forward to hearing your lowdown on muenster

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