Neighborhood Food

We live a lot closer to many things in Muenster than we did in Bielefeld. There is even a small grocery store across the street, eliminating the need to go for a 30-minute hike for pasta sauce. We tried out some other food-related places this weekend. Everything was giant-sized, so it’s easy to see how this could become dangerous.

At Zum Himmelreich, we had massive slices of cherry strudel and cheese cake.2013-03-10 15.29.28

At Eiscafe San Remo, we had…mistakes. We didn’t know they would be this big. Not to say we didn’t eat them all – just look at the hunger in those eyes.

2013-03-08 19.07.16


4 responses to “Neighborhood Food

    • The ice cream was a little ridiculous. The neon green stuff on mine was peppermint liqueur. Fun, but now we know to go with something simpler next time!

  1. now that is a happy man! glad you are indulging — throw caution and calories to the wind! You can diet when you get back home (I always have some excuse!).

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