German Flammkuchen

Much like “stuff wrapped into a dough tube and fried,” most cultures have “stuff scattered on top of some dough and cooked.” In Germany, this is Flammkuchen. It’s uses dough about as thin as a tortilla, but sturdier. Common toppings are cream, arugula and (shockingly) ham. It’s usually circular, but I’ve gotten in shaped in a square as well. We’ve seen it sold at farmer’s markets and from other street vendors, sometimes alongside some regional wine. You probably don’t want to confuse it with Pfannkuchen, which is like a dessert pancake.

It makes for a filling lunch as long as you aren’t really hungry. We had some particularly good Flammkuchen this past weekend at A2 am See.

Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables

Figs, goat cheese and honey

Figs, goat cheese and honey


7 responses to “German Flammkuchen

  1. Now that’s an interesting variation of “Flammkuchen”, but definitely not what I would have expected. It’s not the traditional one. To me, it looks/sounds like what I’d call Flammkuchen “a la Francaise”.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  2. Those look interesting. I’ve never seen a Flammkuchen like that. The traditional one here is “Alsation style” with creme fraiche, bacon pieces and onions.

    • I’ve definitely had that one a few times. This restaurant, which also called these Alsatian, had the “fanciest” Flammkuchen we’ve had so far – they may be appealing to a certain crowd with their figs and whatnot 🙂

  3. They’re served warmish. The dough itself isn’t hot, but the toppings can be warm. You eat it cut up in a restaurant, or just rolled up and stuffed in your face when from a street vendor – at least, that’s my style.

    • It’s easy to get the wrong idea and think it’s closer to a pizza than it really is, if you haven’t had it before 🙂 Not quite that filling, but still yummy.

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