I’m comic famous!

Some of you may remember my post about a fateful grocery shopping trip at Lidl, where I learned the value of laying one’s bottle of oil down on the conveyor belt. My good friend Loren was so inspired by my tale of idiocy that he illustrated it, bringing my life into full-on comic book glory. Click on each photo to enlarge, and then take a look at Loren’s other work.cartoonpage1cartoonpage2

12 responses to “I’m comic famous!

  1. Hilarious. I went shopping with my husband last weekend and he put our beers on the belt standing up and I quickly laid them down. He looked at me in a rage and I had to explain that if you don’t lay them down someone will yell. I guess he’s been fortunate enough not to have been yelled at for this yet.

    • I agree completely! Don’t these moments look so much more fun through the lens of illustration? (And after a few month’s time…)

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