Pinkus Müller Beer from Münster

So we haven’t been to the actual brewery yet, but we did try some Pinkus Müller beer, which is brewed right here in Münster.

I picked up a couple of half-liter bottles at the small local grocery store. They cost .99 each, plus Pfand, and they were really good. This is a little bit more expensive than normal, as a half liter usually costs somewhere between .59 and .89, depending on the brand and the store.


This was the Hefeweizen, and it was sort of creamy and…good. Ok, so this was about three days ago, and I’m not very good at describing beer anyway. But I would buy it again! The brewery is kind of a big deal, as they claim to be the first in the world to brew solely with certain organic ingredients.  I can’t say whether it tasted “Bio,” but it was definitely good. More samples needed, so I think a trip to the brewery is necessary. For science.

One response to “Pinkus Müller Beer from Münster

  1. I’ve never heard of that beer. Need to go to Muenster some time to sample it. Not that that would be the only reason to visit Muenster! 😉
    Enjoy your further samples of Pinkus Müller,

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